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Holscher Design: Longlasting partnership

October 28, 2022

For 20 years, the Danish design consultancy Holscher Design has collaborated with the international lighting brand FLOS creating successful luminaires with a long lifetime.

Longlasting partnership

Together with Italian FLOS, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, Holscher Design has designed the spot series FLOS Camera. The lighting spots are not aesthetically connected to a specific period ensuring that FLOS can keep the products in their sales portfolio for an extended time as they will not be out of fashion.

Developing classics – and keeping value over time – is from Holscher Design’s perspective the ultimate way of sustainable thinking, since waste is diminished. With the 20 years of collaboration and six successful lighting series, the two companies’ strong partnership is inevitable. Together they strive to create durable products of high aesthetics and functional quality.

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About Holscher Design

Deeply rooted in the Danish-Scandinavian design tradition, Holscher Design’s mission is to create value for people, businesses and society. Driven by vertical market insights and design capabilities, Holscher Design helps clients realize their visions – and grow their business.

The company’s multi-disciplinary team provides consultancy within the whole scope of design – from industrial products, graphics and packaging to branding, digital and service design. Their experience makes them capable of creating value by design – for companies and customers in a large range of fields, such as Urban products, Architectural hardware, Sanitary products, Lighting and many more.

Holscher Design was originally led by founder Knud Holscher – then based in the large Danish architecture company KHR Architects. Today Holscher Design is led by five partners, including Rasmus Holscher, son of the founder.