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Low-Fi Concerts: All you need is live

January 18, 2023

Low-Fi Concerts build bridges between music and people. The dedicated hosts open the doors to mini-concerts in unusual and intimate settings; in living rooms, in backyards, at workplaces, anywhere really, just us together. Because when we share and experience live music up close, we find ourselves in a community that transcends our differences and disagreements.

All you need is live

Home concerts, living room shows, mini-gigs, soirées, sofa sessions, and backyard concerts. Mini-concerts have many formats. But what they all have in common is that they are informal concerts for a few people in unusual and often homely settings.


Low-Fi is an online marketplace for mini-concerts in unique settings. They are an alternative to mega-concerts and huge festivals and to spending your spare time scrolling social media or watching streaming services on your own.


The platform connects people and musicians. Artists and hosts can easily create a profile and connect with each other to arrange intimate concert experiences. Low-Fi offers a complete toolbox for organising concerts; you can publish the concerts, sell tickets, and the system automatically handles the payout for the artists.


Every Low-Fi concert is co-created by an artist and a host and brought to life by the guests. This makes Low-Fi concerts 100% community-generated.

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About Low-Fi Concerts

For Low-Fi Concerts, music is a verb. It’s an activity - something we do together. By helping artists, hosts and guests come together, they foster the opportunity for people to experience live music in a meaningful way.


Low-Fi Concerts is built on the principle of economic fairness in the music business. The artists decide what concerts to play, how much to charge, and they always get the biggest cut.


Low-Fi Concerts’ mission is to create a global live music community, one living room at a time.