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Produced By: Creativity and a fight against climate changes

November 17, 2023

Is it possible to produce commercial films and care about the future planet simultaneously? Produced By is a production company, working on lowering the carbon footprint for every piece of content they produce.

Creativity and a fight against climate changes

Pleasant working environments, sustainability and projects with a good cause are the core values for Produced by. Creativity, and a fight against climate changes is the driving force. The production company is classic, owned and driven by two producers, but one of the things that distinguish them from others are their sustainable agenda, hunting every saving on the emission quota.

Sustainability permeates Produced By’s DNA. They strive to affect the collaborators and clients on every production to choose solutions that have the lowest impact on the climate.

In the beginning they started with setting up five obstructions that included:

1) Transportation – using bikes, public transportation, electric cars, etc.

2) Energy supply and low emission gear – e.g. using local grid, no diesel generators.

3) Catering – local and vegetarian.

4) No single use – props, costumes, cutlery, cups, plates, etc.

5) Waste sorting – during and after production.  

These obstructions are still communicated when a new team is set for a production. This way you know from the beginning, if you work with Produced by, you need to think about HOW you work in your department, being a part of lowering the footprint for the current production. The crew also receive a one-pager with good advice for their specific areas.

As an extra and very important part of the work, Produced By creates a climate report using the Green Producers Tool. The report provides an important insight into the emissions used during the production.

Take for example the production ’Leg og lær livredning’ made in co-operation with We Love People and Trygfonden. The total emissions used for a 2-day production was 1,06-ton CO2e. Comparing the result to a ’conventional’ production, removing all the ’green’ initiatives they reduced the total emission with more than 1-ton CO2e. So yes, it makes a difference to think about how you produce. In this case carpooling, using electric cars, 100% vegetarian catering, bringing your own bottle for water and a coffee cup, reduces the emission. The sum of it all, what might seem impractical, makes a difference on the total use of emissions.

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About Produced By

Produced by was founded in 2014 in the heart of Frederiksberg. The two founders and producers Annika Lund Jensen and Ege Heckmann have recently moved the office to Nørrebro, where they are still producing a variation of commercials.

The company produce commercial content - co-working with agencies and direct clients. Their vision has always been to work on projects with a positive imprint. To make a change on how commercials are produced in order to lower the carbon footprint in every production.