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SF Studios: PARANOIA – the first Green Film certified Danish feature film

March 27, 2024

PARANOIA is the first Danish feature film to receive a Green Film certificate which has been a peak in SF Studios’ sustainability journey. Building on just one year of intense focus on minimizing their film production’s environmental impact they can now turn good practice into policy.

PARANOIA – the first Green Film certified Danish feature film

During the summer 2023 the Danish supernatural thriller PARANOIA received recognition from the Italian Green Film certification system with 45/50 points. This was made possible by some important choices and groundwork that SF Studios Production laid in the year leading up to.

In early 2022 SF Studios decided to take the forefront in sustainable film production in Denmark by hiring an internal sustainability manager – the first of its kind in the Nordics - to lead the transformation. She has since trained and motivated the film crews, worked closely with suppliers on new green solutions and focused on strong industry partnerships.

After testing behind-the-scenes climate actions on 5 films and TV-series in 2022, the team behind PARANOIA had the knowledge and experience to go all in on a new battery driven generator in the film bus, 85% secondhand costumes, 30% electrical cars, zero single use plastics, less chemicals in makeup and paint, and much more. Three things that defined the success with their first Green Film certification were early planning, total support from leading functions, and clear division of responsibilities.

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About SF Studios

For the past 100 years, SF Studios has been a leading film and TV producer in the Nordics. Their aim is to produce high quality films and TV series and work with the best creative talent in the industry. Their expertise lies in producing and co-producing films and TV content that appeal to broad audiences around the world.

SF Studios have production units in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and have also produced English language films and TV series for an international market. Their mission is to create worlds for people to return to and they have a strong focus on creating these worlds in a way that cares better for nature and people. They are a big industry player and therefore wish to take a big responsibility in the film and TV-industry’s sustainability transition.