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Architecture is an integral reason why the people of Scandinavia rank among the happiest in the world. Danish architects believe that liveable, high-quality surroundings are everyone’s birth right. Their designs solve problems, create solutions and deliver impact. Denmark is in itself a showcase of innovative architecture and planning solutions, and many international architects and developers come to Denmark to seek inspiration.

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With this Focus, we shed light on how sustainable and creative thinking can shape healthy buildings as a framework for modern life.

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Industry contacts

  • Danish Architecture Center

    The Danish Architecture Center is an international cultural attraction. DAC creates engaging experiences and debates about architecture, design and urban development through exhibitions, tours, events, learning and networking.
  • BLOX

    BLOX is a national and international gathering place that engages people in architecture, design and sustainable urban development. As a destination for the built environment, BLOX creates engagement through exhibitions, events, business development and new partnerships.
  • Danish Association of Architectural Firms

    Danish Association of Architectural Firms is a trade association and a member of Confederation of Danish Industry, DI. The secretariat provides consultancy to member firms, develops and undertakes projects and manages political and business interests.
  • The Danish Association of Architects

    The Danish Association of Architects is a professional community. Since its foundation in 1879, the association has worked to support and promote the conditions of individual architects whilst ensuring architectural quality in our cities, buildings, landscape and environments.