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Danish interior design is an industry that is standing on the shoulders of giants. The concepts of Danish Modern and Danish Design are world famous and represent craftsmanship, timelessness, quality, functionality, and interior designs for human needs. These ideas are finding new relevance today as a focus on sustainability and circularity dominates the thinking of designers and consumers.

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Industry contacts

  • Danish Design Centre

    The Danish Design Centre (DDC) is Denmark’s national center for design. Established in 1978, it is a semi-public organization under the Danish Ministry of Business, Industry and Financial Affairs.
  • Design denmark

    Design denmark is the leading trade association for the Danish design companies, representing the interests of more than 800 members.
  • Lifestyle & Design Cluster

    Lifestyle & Design Cluster (LDC) is a non-profit organisation supporting innovation and sustainable growth primarily in the small and medium-sized design, furniture and clothing companies.